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Our mission: Getting the world Activated!


Here are the principles of how we will achieve this:

Our Programs

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about gymnastics, health and fitness and improving the lives of the people who participate in our programs. We live and breath gymnastics and relish the opportunity to introduce our sport to your students to improve their fitness and to boost their confidence by introducing them to new skills that are a lot of fun.

Our Team

Uniting as one to achieve our common goal. Together we "never give in" we "deliver on our promise" and we value one another by supporting each other.

Our Customers

We embrace the opportunity to work with all young Australians and understand the short and long term benefits of all that we do in enhancing their lives. We know that the positive change we make to people’s lives will extend past the time shared with us.

Our Community

We know that it takes a whole community to raise a happy, healthy child, and we embrace the opportunity to be part of your school's community.


Activated Group - Getting the world Activated!

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