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In addition to our award willing School Gymnastics Programs, Activated Group also runs School Dance and School Cheer programs!  All with the aim of keeping Australian kids moving!

Australian School Dance


The Australian School Dance program is a great way to introduce your students to a variety of different dance genre's and also styles of dancing from all over the world.  Whilst the fundamental goal is to keep the students moving the ancillary benefits of dance are huge!  Creativity, coordination, spatial awareness, cultural awareness, flexibility, strength and rythm etc. 


Our School Dance programs are designed by industry professionals to ensure that we engage both boys and girls and that those students who have never danced before and those that dance recreationally, all feel like superstars.  Choose from a Dance Display program in a genre of your choice or from one of our educational International Dance programs.  


Our music is the most contemporary available and has been washed to ensure that all lyrics are suitable for a school environment.   

Australian School Dance Logo

School Cheer

Launched in 2020, the School Cheer program is guaranteed to keep hearts pumping and faces smiling!  Run over a school term, our Cheer Coach will teach your students a totally engaging routine of movement to music with the added element of poms.  This program is a great way to engage students in movement and is designed to appeal to both boys and girls and to all levels of co-ordination and creativity.

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