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So why School Gymnastics?


  1. We are the experts - just ask our schools or have a look at our testimonials.  We know what schools need, and what they want, and we deliver every single time. 

  2. We are safe.  An unblemished safety record owing to rigorous in house training, program design and custom-built equipment.  Gymnastics is not dangerous... it is a whole lot of fun!

  3. Expert PDHPE and PDE staff design cutting edge programs that meet all school requirements and we resource teachers with aids that ensure they can easily align our program with their learning outcomes. 

  4. It's easy - we do it all.  Provide all the equipment, stage-specific lesson plans, the best gymnastics coaches in the business and a dedicated program co-ordinator to oversee your program. 

Catering for diverse learners in a safe, fun and supportive environment

Promoting positive, high energy participation, whilst building resilience and inclusion

Highly trained coaches with a professional program to curriculum standards

We are the cheapest provider in Australia  Guaranteed!


Curriculum Outcomes Include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your programs available?

Our programs are available Australia wide. We service all areas from capital cities to regional and remote Australia.

Q: How much do programs cost?

We charge a very reasonable per class price. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a detailed proposal and quote.

Q: Do programs fulfil curriculum guidelines?

All Activated Group programs meet curriculum guidelines. Each school participating in our program will receive our School Resource Pack that includes Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Student Evaluations and other relevant information.

Q: What type of room/venue is required?

School Gymnastics programs can be run in a variety of locations as long as the area is as flat as possible.   The floor that we bring to put down is 8m by 7m so we need at least that with some space for the students to line up. 

Q: Is the program suitable for all learning stages?

Yes. Every learning stage has customised lesson plans that ensure that the students meet suitable outcomes in a safe yet stimulating learning environment.  

Q: We have special needs students.  Can they participate?

Yes. Every student is welcome to participate.  If the student generally has an Aid working with them, then the Aid will be required to work with the student and modify the lesson in line with the student's needs.  It should be noted that our coaches are gymnastics specific coaches who are not occupational or physiotherapists.  Of the utmost importance to the success of our program is that all students are treated equally which also means that all students are given the same amount of time and commitment to their learning

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